Youth Ministry

The Sunday School Department is transformative in nature and is geared towards the spiritual formation of children, youth and adults, as children of God. The lessons integrate theological and spiritual concepts, which relate to the realities of life and the context in which the church ministers. These lessons are selected and crafted to strengthen the ministries of the church. 

The programme include:

  • Sunday morning classes
  • Children Church
  • Sunday School out-stations in adjoining communities
  • Sunday School Parent Teachers Association

In addition to spiritual growth, the youth programme is designed to facilitate evangelistic and leadership development. Youths are engaged in developmentally appropriate programmes and activities that promote personal and spiritual growth. Also, they are trained in the art of evangelism and are heavily engaged in the evangelization of youths. As it relates to leadership, youth are identified, encouraged, equipped and mobilized to become leaders within the youth group itself and within the congregation at large. 

In order to effectively minister to our youths, the youth ministry programme is designed to address the unique developmental and social needs of the different age groups of our youths. As such, the Youth Department consists of a teen and young adult department.