Resource Centre 

The Faith Assembly of God church has taken on the responsibility of reserving two rooms of their newly built Multipurpose Building to be used as a Resource Centre to offer support to students who cannot access their online classes. These rooms have been fitted with internet access and a few devices have been acquired. However, we need more devices to meet the needs that exist in our community.

Health Fair


Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Ministry, known as T. O. P (Tools of Praise),  is an avenue for those with the giftings, those who are apt to learn, to minister in the arts. Our foundation scripture is Psalms 150:6. 

The Performing Arts Ministry encompasses all the areas of the arts, be it visual, performing or literary.  This ministry gives our youths and adults alike, the opportunity to express themselves in all the facets of the arts. As it relates to self-confidence, this ministry is explosive, those who were initially shy are shy no more.