Family Life Ministries

The goal of this ministry is to reinforce and encourage wholesome family life. Through Counselling and enrichment seminars we seek to promote maturity in all aspects of each person’s life, be it; emotionally, mentally, socially and above all spiritually.

Family Life Ministries has three components.

  1. Family Dymanics, which caters for the entire family. 
  2. Couples Ministry, which caters for those who are married. 
  3. Singles Ministry, which as the name suggest caters for single persons

The purpose of this ministry is to emphasize the importance of each person in the family unit and to help them grow in love and Christ in every strata of the life of the family unit. 

Our activities include:

* Games

* Discussions and Seminars

* Presentations

* Family Outings

The purpose of this ministry is to strengthen the marriage union. To encourage spouses to spend time with each other and to build their union with our without children. To foster fellowship with other couples and to simply grow together under the direction of Jesus Christ. 

Our activities include:

* Games,

* Discussions and seminars

* Couple’s mentorship programme - pairing couples for development.

* Couple’s week 

* Couple’s retreat

The purpose of this ministry is to help singles embrace their singleness and to capitalize on the opportunities that singleness provides.

The ministry provides a forum to share and get help to deal with challenges they experience as a result of their singleness. 

Activities include;

* Games 

* Discussions and seminar

* Singles’ barbeque

* Singles’ retreat

* Singles’ party